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Story about the greatest trial

June 13, 2021
Jailbirds (IRL) - The Great Escape

A soft guitar chime anticipates the ascension of the drive of the Jailbirds (IRL) - The Great Escape album's title composition, which combines the stubborn freedom-loving sound and emotional appeals of the vocal part, complementing the main vocals with the backing vocals of musical associates. Musical reflections of a guitar solo are combined in a round dance with vocal reflections of the Loose Cannon composition.
The whirlwind of the guitar solo of the introduction draws you into the sound of a flying swarm, then enveloping the Nothing Good Lasts Forever vocals part with whirlwinds of this swarm, pumping waves of sounding the main motive in an inspired manner, departing from the dominance of the whirlwind in the instrumental bridges. The Shadow Of Love song brings to the album echoes of the sound of southern rock, bringing shades of spicy winds of hot, barren prairies.
The freedom-loving spirit of rock'n'roll takes up the banner of adventure with the Thrill Of The Chase title. The Underdog song rolls with a viscous and unyielding musical shaft with some echoes of hard blues.
After an intriguing introduction, the Fight Or Flight stubbornly and unyieldingly builds up waves of musical drive that does not recede in front of any obstacles and sets the musical mood of The Pilot song, that sets the point of the final composition of the album.