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Stormborn is not afraid of anything

April 27, 2022
Troyen - Storm Child (EP)

The Troyen - Storm Child (EP) album's title track embodies its essence in thunderclaps in a musical introduction, rolling waves of twilight drive in the cups and instrumental bridges, then again and again accentuating its name in the choruses and mesmerizing with the charming guitar solo of the instrumental part.
The drumbeat of the intro anticipates the rolling musical motifs of the guitar solo then rolling in the waves of the Flight Of Fantasy battle march. The intriguing mystery of the main motif of the Cheatin' composition gathers into a muyk stream of unyielding pressure and rolls in with the rolling sound of the waves of musical drive, raising to its crests the vocal phrases of stubborn lyrics.
The final section of the album consists of reworked and reinterpreted songs from the band's early period, Dreams Never Lie and Futures Friend, re-recorded and remastered many years later and fascinated by echoes of youth and the pressure of eternal musical rock'n'roll spirit.