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Storm sees all around, it is impossible to escape from its wrath

May 28, 2018
Burden Of Grief - Eye Of The Storm

The enchanting haze of the pensive romanticism of the instrumental Inception (Intro) begins the Burden Of Grief - Eye Of The Storm album, anticipating the exciting wave of drive blowing on the wings of the main motif, enveloped in melodic passages of guitar riffs and thoughtful vocal reflections, complementing the growling with clean vocals in the choruses of the title track. In the instrumental part, the guitar solo fascinates with epic charm, embodying dreams and aspirations in inspiring melody.
The majestic melody enchants the The Angel's introduction, indulging in meditations in couplets verses and rising in a magical triumph of melodism in the choruses.
Pulsating in unhurried zeal, the wave of drive persistently rolls out the dark drive, confessing in its own desperation in Broken chorus, with so tender melody on the background.
Carrying a bright melody of intro in verses Wolf Moon reflects on the vicissitudes of fate, in the chorus revealing the main motive in the all-round triumph of melodism.
Thoughtfully making his way through the pre-dawn haze of intro Killing Spree is then carried away in a swift stream of drive, weaving the hurried vocal phrases with impatient instrumental passages in the verse, unclearly asking in the bridge and raising the majestic march of the chorus with the accentuation of the composition's name.
In the thoughtful introduction a dark wave appears, taking away the vocal reflections of the verse to the melodic instrumental bridge that precedes the chorus. In the Breathe One's Last chorus, the inspiration lifts the sound to the transcendental heights.
Considering the introduction then A Dying Breed is carried away in the dark fog of verses to so important and significant chorus, pulsating a dense and weighty march, wrapping the name of the composition with valorous motifs. Guitar solo in the instrumental part crowns the composition with a unique and unsurpassed melody.
With a mysterious haze wrapping ancient legends in ghostly melodies, then Maze Of Absurdity starts the musical narrative thoughtfully, unhurriedly revealing the features of the fairy tale - then exhibiting in full measure the main motif that enchants the listener with an exciting sound. The drumbeat again and again accentuates the militancy and bellicose mood, vocal phrases emphasize this readiness for battle - let the warriors and remain in Zero Gravity.
A romantic ballad fetters with a thoughtful sadness, reminding of losses, grief, sadness and departed associates. Then the dark vortex elevates the power of the The Funeral Cortege composition to a different level, forcing the swiftness and density of sound, returning to romance only in the song's final.