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Stop! I will shoot! You're invader!

March 03, 2017
Xternity - From Endless Depravity

The wonderful moments are over, the melodies of the former charms are woven into Xternity - From Endless Depravity !
Shots, disputes, screams and rejection of reality - then Invasion'44 unites these scattered phenomena, combining the scream and growl in one gust, combining the different in a single rush. But the combination is saturated with harsh thoughts, varying the pace and speed of its narrative, not likening itself to a single impulse to the embodiment in the main motive of so furiously narration.
A melodic guitar fingering begins the Necromantic Prophecy, that injected into the darkness of dense fog in a melodious manner, slowly and deliberately. Melody and vocal phrases march around and around, pumping the twilight with their impressionable actions.
After pensive reflections on the fate of all around, Black Stars Paled Stripes breaks down in a violent flight .... but do not leave the shackles of habitual being, holding violent jerks!
Fury is embodied in the malicious gusts of guitar impulses and vocal phrases of the introduction of the Spear Behind Disguise, then meditation and reflection make its brooding atmosphere, anticipating the next gust ... again and again!
Power and sensuality are intertwined in a single stream, uniting in Das Menschenvolk, in German giving out their emotions and nerves, with difficulty and diligently trying to convey the depth of sensations.
Experiences are grinded into the trash of a calm, sensitive, tender melody From Endless Depravity. Feelings are embodied in instrumental impulses, sating with the experiences the sounding of their notes.
A furious Gods Of Greed entry sweeps everything in its path. Hiding the tempo in the verse, combining then violent impulses with thoughtful phrases of screaming. But then there is a growling of reflections, anticipating a guitar solo, after which it combines with screaming in a single stream.
Power and fury are combined in phrases of screaming and growling, interlacing in a single impulse in a melodic and clear Gilles De Rais. Melody and power, clarity and carelessness, anger and anxiety! But in the end the speed increases, the intertwining aggravates nervousness grows in screaming impulse for a bit - but the end is still calm!
Furious and malicious intro of the Kingdom Come's Slavery, develops into a vicious, but a rolling story that will see ahead - rage and pain, anger and despair.
Visually, tightly and persistently, In Callousness We Rot breaks into a fairy flight, completing the album in an unrestrained desire to comprehend the incomprehensible, to achieve the unattainable - and all, everything, ALL OTHERS in the melodic impulse of trying to prove and exceed all possible!