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Stillborn cannot die again

April 20, 2020
Korgonthurus - Kuolleestasyntynyt

With solemn viscosity, the musical motifs of introducing the title track of the Korgonthurus - Kuolleestasyntynyt album weaves the twilight canvas of a dark anthem, then the vocals bring a fierce blade of creaky screaming, dissecting thoughtful musical motifs with emotional sparks.
Exploding with the unbridled fury of a swift drive, the guitar solo brings echoes of saddened dreams to the musical action movie of the Tuhontuoja intro, but then the vocals bring romantic thoughts of a saddened romance. Instrumental bridges return to the dark drive of entry. The gloom of the procession of black knights envelops the plexus of screaming and growling in a duet of the Syytt vocal part, keeping the growling harsh background. Then the music captivates with the mesmerizing grandeur of gloomy tales, again returning to the fierce procession of the dark march with the return of the vocal duet. Wrapping up vocal phrases with a round of guitar riffs, Riivattu continues the majestic procession of the keepers of darkness and the fiends of eternal darkness.
The influences of medieval knightly sagas envelop the brooding Y tales of the storyteller, complementing the charm of his mesmerizing story and complementing it with the charm of inspired melody. The mysterious guitar solo introduction develops into a dominant component of the Nox main motive, interwoven in a bewitching dance with the vocal part of the album’s final composition.