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Still unexplored path of mind

May 05, 2022
Invocator - Through The Flash To The Soul

The instrumental Intro creates an intriguing twilight for the introduction of the title track of the Invocator - Through The Flash To The Soul concept album, marching in the introduction with a solemn step anticipating the coming musical unity with vocals reflections. The Writhe In Spit composition continues the artistic unity of vocal phrases with the progressive charm of variable musical passages.
Billowing with a mesmerizing whirlwind of drive, the On My Knees song then fascinates with mysterious transformations of musical and vocals passages, anticipating the stubborn pressure of the Flick It On battle march, unyieldingly, powerfully and irrepressibly hammering in its footsteps combined with the progressive complexity of the rhythmic pattern.
After the intriguing mystery of the introduction, the Infatuated I Am (Speak To Me) composition rises with a whirlwind of rapid drive, wrapping vocals phrases with sparkling guitar riffs, continuing a similar stylistic manner of musical display of artistic ideas in the sound of the There Is No Savior song, bringing emotional charm and romantic shades to the musical image with the vocal part. The Chemistry Of Restlessness thoughtful and tenacious march brings the vocals narrative to the forefront of the musical procession, complementing the vocal reflections with the melodic charm of the guitar solos.
The vocal part is intertwined with musical passages in an enchanting unity creating the atmosphere of the Under The Skin mystical fairy tale with antique shades. The Fire Cleanses All musical thriller rises with a whirlwind of frantic drive, then bringing to the sound a pulsating combative rhythmicity and anticipating the rhythmic pressure of the Sound Between The Teeth final composition of the album.