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Step into the abyss is not an easy choice

January 21, 2023
Hex Vortices - Precipice

The soft and intriguing acoustic chime of the guitar strings of the title track is the intro of the Hex Vortices - Precipice album, anticipating a further explosion of furious musical drive and vocal anger of the Retribution composition, receding somewhat to the side before the vocal ascension of the chorus, but returning again with a sparkling indignation of the guitar solo.
After a brief preparation of the introduction, weaving the musical canvas of the main motif, the vocal part is brought to the forefront of the Consequence musical image, captivating the musical passages along the path indicated by the vocals phrases, returning the musically artistic primacy with a bright and exciting guitar solo of the instrumental part, preceding the final part, ending with the pressure of an impatient guitar solo, captivating with bright improvisation into the depth of unity of melody and drive in the sound of The Wake Of Mistakes exciting musical thriller. Once again, the thrilling improvisation of the guitar solo captivates and prepares for the completion of the musical action, crowned with vocal anger.
Musical variations and an artistic search for a musical path are carefully and carefully prepared for a significant procession of vocal narration in a majestic march, weaving around the vocal part a fascinating canvas of the N.O.F.S musical anthem, in which the notes of a fascinating search for a musical path with guitar solos and persistent and rhythmic guitar riffs reappear. The guitar solo of the introduction weaves the musical canvas of the Letters In Blood main motif, rolling it out on the way of the procession of the vocals story, accentuating the vocal phrases with musical passages, developing these motifs in the sound of the No Ones Fucking Safe final composition of the album, considering the solemnity of the sound of vocal lyrics and the artistic nature of progressive musical passages in the development of the compositional essence of the composition, decorated with improvisations of the guitar solo.