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Stay alone for the first contact

July 12, 2023
Idle Youth, 2023 -  Alone (EP)

Musical passages with a touch of slight sadness are combined with thoughtful vocal reflections, vocals lyrics that add to the musical atmosphere of the Alone song, but the First Contact composition continues the sound of the Idle Youth - Alone (EP) release with encouraging notes, bringing with vocals narration and keyboard passages shades of animation of transformations and new experiences that will turn the way for the better.
Futuristic musical passages are complemented by an atmosphere of anxiety and doubts, which is accentuated by keyboard notes and vocals emotions in the sound of The Metamorphosis song.
The sound of the Enter/desire twilight musical fairy tale envelops with the veils of mystery, preserving the pulsating leitmotif, complemented by sparkling keyboard and guitar passages and thoughtful vocal reflections, complementing the main vocals with the background tune of musical associates.
Beginning with a bewitching melody in the introduction, the music of the Pompeii song seems to ask riddles that the vocal story seeks to solve, dragging the listener into this adventure, expanding the stylistic framework of the musical artwork by using recitative in the vocal part of its Disconnect final composition.