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Standing on the edge between past and future

September 01, 2021
Robin McAuley - Standing on the Edge

Tightly, persistent and persistently medium-level chime Thy Will Be Done compositions starts musical narration in the union of the musical and vocal part. The Robin McAuley - Standing on the Edge album's title track continues the musical narration of the persistent, but melodic and charming unity of music and vocals in a single musical stream. The vocal party goes to the forefront of the Late December music charm.
Romantic intro retreats before the top of the Do You Remember vocals party. After the persistent, demanding and safe entry, the Say Goodbye returns to the vocal primacy, a variety of emotional component of the vocal part. Guitar riffs are intertwined with keyboards artistry around vocal inspiration, combined in the sound of the Chosen Few song. Melodious and charming Run Away composition elevates sparkling banners romantic ballads.
The Supposed to Do Now song wraps a listener with a swirl swollen, combining doubts and mysteriousness. Romantic melodism twists in the Wanna Take a Ride single musical dance musical melody and vocal inspiration. The Like a Ghost puts forward a confident narrative of the vocals part to the forefront of the musical image, complementing the sparkling ribbons of the guitar and keyboard artistry, anticipating the freedom-loving melodic of the Running out of Time final composition of the album.