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Spiritual torment on the way to righteousness

April 19, 2021
Arabrot  -  The Gospel

The speeches of the preacher and the impact mans begin the title composition of the Arabrot - The Gospel conceptual album, in which the vocal party then goes to the forefront of the musical image with the support of rhythmic musical ripples. The I Run song complements the vocal nervousness with a swarm of buzzing guitar riffs.
The drumroll with persistent and stubborn passages of the guitars solo define the direction of laying the Tall Man main motive path. The church servants choir creates a symphonic atmosphere of intro, anticipating the Faustus epic saga, starting the solo piano with background chorates. Then the music is transformed into a pensive march of a majestic anthem.
An annoying musical buzz complements demonic vocal entries that create an atmosphere of gloomy mysticism in music on the Ah Feel song. Gloomy musical mysticism in the sound of the And The Whore Is This City composition complements the original vocal playfulness, ascending the banner of mysterious artistry in the chorus.
In the I Am The Sun music, the shades of a discreet drive are manifested, then having a vocal emotions on the crests of musical waves. After the twilight atmosphere of ritual accession, the Darkest Day then accelerates the musical pace in the vortex of the storming drive. Further composition consists of repetition of similar alternating. The Rebekka (Tragoedie) song completes the album in the suraling sound of a sad march.