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Spiritual purification renews spirit and body

October 13, 2019
Tyrmfar - Renewal Through Purification

The Arrival... twilight symphony envelops the beginning of the Tyrmfar - Renewal Through Purification album with dark charm and epic motifs, speaking as an introduction to the ... Of The Legions Of Eternity song, that is exploding in a flood of unbridled drive into the introduction and verses the stern march of the bridges, but raising the banner of charming melody in the chorus.
The flow of rapid drive entwined with the veils of epic melody sweeps through the fast-moving passages of the Rise Of Chaos introduction, bringing vocals to the rhythmic mid-tempo couplet to the front edge of the musical image, returning to the motives of intro the chorus. The Almighty continues this style of sounding, however, preserving the swiftness of the drive in the verses and weaving the screaming and growling together in the vocal part.
Severe guitar introduction motives end with a meaningful narrative of the No Hope dark anthem. The Commander Of Death continues the style of the previous composition, but it accelerates the pace to a rapid drive, returning to the mid-tempo pulsating march in the chorus. But the musical passages of the Mountains Of Madness main motive, enveloping vocal phrases, alternating screaming and growling, with mesmerizing epic covers.
Dehumanization again explodes as a rampant stream of furious drive, vocal phrases alternate screaming and growling in the shades of their sound. But Freedom's Call slows the pace of the musical narrative, raising the bright banners of the melody of the instrumental heroic saga. Living Corpses again transforms the musical horizons with the incredible swiftness of guitar riffs, beyond which the vocals strive to be in time. But the chorus slowly walks through the expanses of fairy tales. Then Implore The Reaper transforms the sound of an incredibly epic atmosphere of sagas and ballads. Humanity's End completes the album by weaving a bewitching musical lace of these contrasting styles.