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Spirit and body are combined in a corrupt ignorance

April 06, 2020
Wound Collector - Depravity

Manifesting the mesmerizing essence of the saddened lounge, the Wound Collector - Depravity album begins with mesmerizing Death by Guillotine improvisations, exploding with the anger of vocal rage, braided by the severe whirlwinds of the drive. The harsh drive of metal musical solutions is intertwined in a bewitching dance with jazz musical shades, varying the screaming and growling in the War and Slaughter vocal part and retreating in front of the saxophone solo.
The ticking clocks are intertwined with a saxophone solo and a viscous guitar solo, followed by a stern growling vocals. Next, No God Without Terror partly returns to the motives laid down at the beginning of the album, alternating screaming and growling in the vocal part. Partly voicing the title of the album, Seduced Into Depravity introduces an enchanting instrumental solo into its sound, somewhat dispelling the severity of the previous dark anthem, but then returning to marching pulsations and exploding with the unbridled power of a furious drive.
Pulsing with a leitmotif procession, Inherit the Crown intro brings unity of jazz improvisations with epic echoes of medieval sagas, complementing it with a dense procession of hard drive. In Flanders Fields initially continues and develops the motives of the previous composition, but then supplements them with incredible improvisations of instrumental solos.
A thoughtful drive pulsates with reflection, then the bass guitars solo ends with an unbridled explosion of a furious drive (which, to be honest, everyone was waiting for). But then Execution in Chaos drive and rage sometimes wind around the whirlwinds of musical improvisations. The Royalty Achieved by War procession of militant knights and their squires is intertwined in a fierce battle of uncontrolled battle, braided by sparks of jazz influences. The saxophone sets artistry, then retreating in front of the fury of The Merovingian Defeat vocals anger, completing the album with a charming unity of power and artistry.