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Spells always so vague

June 25, 2020
Angel Of Disease - Obscure Conjuring

An unstoppable whirlwind of drive, summing up the Words And Thoughts musical beats with artistic musical variations anticipates the solemn significance of vocal reflections combined in a melodic waltz with musical charm. Even more complex and progressive variations of the rhythm section continues the Angel Of Disease - Obscure Conjuring album with inspirational tunes of Lost Cause composition, swirling with a whirlwind of drive in vocal fragments and complementing the instrumental parts with shades of jazz and progressive artistry.
The intriguing artistry of the sound of Impact Unknown song weaves music and vocals in a mesmerizing dance, crowning this unity with the romanticism of a guitar solo instrumental part. Pulsing with a fickle drive in instrumental fragments, the Almost Free music recedes before the pressure of the vocals, then teaming up with the vocal cries in the flight of the drive anticipating the solemn anthem of the chorus. Fascinating by the unity of the vocal part, alternating and combining screaming and growling and musical artistry, the Obscure Conjuring title track uprises into the vastness of dreams.
The romanticism of the introduction of Filled With Emptiness song appeals to the memories, then the acoustic guitar polo anticipates the wave of progressive drive. Preserving the melody and artistry, the Particle, Reflection... vocals immediately pumps up the severity and gloomy atmosphere of its significance. The rhythmic procession of the harsh march inspires the expectation of the introduction of The Secret Of True Happiness vocals that accelerate the pace of the musical stream. Entering with romantic acoustics Constagious Transparency completes the album, expanding its stylistic framework by complementing the vocal part with clean vocals.