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Special fuel is necessary for each genre

September 18, 2021
Egypt (UK) - Blues Kerosene (2017 Reissue)

Rush, drive and tireless movement, novel and re-emphasizing the name of the Ride Till You Die song, begin the Egypt (UK) - Blues Kerosene (2017 Reissue) album with annexes of adventures and wanderings.
Next, the Back To The Pack composition is more clearly and leisurely emphasizes notes of hard blues, continuing such a stylistic framework into the sound of the next, the Bluesbelly song, wrecking vocal phrases with whirlies of guitar riffs. But the guitar solo of the instrumental part transforms the sound of notes of sparkling artistism, then giving new echoes and sparkles with musical variations.
And again the festive, freedom-loving drive rolling the waves of the Lazy Maisie medium-point march, having the vocal phrases on the ridges of the musical sea. But then the instrumental passes appear to the acceleration of the sound, while weaving a sparkling lace of the guitar solo of the instrumental part.
Pensive Fu Man Chew instrumental romantic ballad creates an atmosphere of joyful emotions and memories of pleasant surprises, complementing the guitar chime with brief keyboards. The Waiting For The 353 composition transforms the instrumental sound of guitar solo and complements the musical history of vocal reflections, slowly by marching on the chosen vocal party of the musical path. The Rocking The Room song completes the album with a bright and exciting vortex of a youth drive.