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Sparkling rays illuminate with unexpected shades

November 21, 2019
Vintersea - Illuminated

Exploding with a stream of rampant drive Spawn Awakening pumps a stream of stormy waves, fiercely pumping an unstoppable melody. Then the female vocals transform the composition, introducing an atmosphere of brooding romanticism, but then, while preserving melodic charm, the growling returns, enveloping in an enchanting mid-tempo melody.
Then the Old Ones composition lifts the chalice of epic enchantment, wrapping the inspirational tunes of female vocals with lace of sparkling melodies. But then growling supplements the enchanting sound of the main motive with depth and power. The title track of the Vintersea - Illuminated album continues the extravaganza of melodic charm, at first progressively enveloping the soft lyrical tunes of female vocals with mysterious melodic variations. Bridges with wordless tunes give the sound of the song even more shades of melodic charm. The final part of the composition is preceded by a more fierce sound with growling nervous appeals.
The Crack of Light intro fascinates with the mysterious mystery of the sparkling atmosphere, then this romantic wave is saddled by the depth of the harsh growling, preserving the bewitching melody and pumping the waves of the harsh and significant ballad. In the instrumental part, preceding the chorus, the sound soaring with a swirling whirlwind of drive captivates with the tunes of the saxophone.
Beginning with the emotional tunes of female vocals with a swift drive against the background, the Fiery Tongue song then raises the banners of the majestic epic saga, uplifting the trends of ancient legends with a harsh growling narrative. Befallen completes the album with sparkling whirlwinds of harsh drive, enveloping a wave of musical variations with bright shades of bewitching melodics and hardening harsh vocal phrases.