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Sparkling Ice Symphony

September 09, 2019
Sonata Arctica - Talviyo (Japanese Edition)

Symphonic chorales begins the Message From The Sun composition with enchanting tunes, then the vocals go to the front edge of the musical image, setting the melody of the sound of the main motive. Whirlwind continues the Sonata Arctica - Talviyo (Japanese Edition) album and the previous composition, as if combining together enchanted fragments of a bewitching mosaic.
The bardic tunes to the chime of the strings of an acoustic guitar begin the Cold song, marching on the verge of a mid-tempo march, from time to time deviating towards a bewitching epic ballad. Storm The Armada also begins by fingering the strings of an acoustic guitar, then the epic outlines of the majestic anthem build the palaces of the castle of their valor.
The album continues with a thoughtful, muffled mystery of soft and tender The Last Of The Lambs ballad motifs. But having rested within the limits of soft and bewitching melody, the Who Failed The Most vocals raises the banner of nervous experiences, shrouded in the covers of epic musical passages.
The bonus composition of the Japanese edition You Won't Fall [Bonus Track] divides the album in the middle - and, judging by the reviews of the fans of the group, it is perhaps the most successful band's composition.
The epic symphony ends with the Ismo's Got Good Reactors oriental motif of guitar solo enveloping with a whirlwind of musical variations and the spicy breath of desert dunes. Then the guitar solo weaves a bewitching lace of introduction, after which the vocals come to the forefront of the Demon's Gate bewitching epic symphony, entwined in a chorus with enchanting keyboard passages.
The inspirational musical charm captivates with a symphonic interweaving of vocal, keyboard and guitar motifs, highlighting and raising the banner of the name of the A Little Less Understanding composition in the chorus. Exalting the symphonic charm of the album's sound even more, The Raven Still Flies With You composition weaves a bewitching lace of musical passages around vocal phrases. The Garden completes the album with the subdued charm of an acoustic ballad shrouded in an enchanting haze of romantic atmosphere.