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Space is comprehensive and indescribable

March 16, 2021
White Void - Anti

Creating an unsettling atmosphere, the Do. Not. Sleep. track begins the musical narrative of the White Void - Anti album with a combination of musical variation and artistic vocal proclamations. The music has anxious guitar parts and reassuring and soothing symphonic keyboard passages. The vocal part comes to the forefront of the musical image of the There Is No Freedom but the End song, highlighting the lyrics of the chorus with a leisurely procession wrapped in a shroud of symphonic melodicism.
Steadily and mesmerizingly, the Where You Go, You'll Bring Nothing ballad marches along with a majestic musical anthem, complemented by an inspired vocal narration that complements the main vocal with a background backing chorus. The vocal part immediately acts as the dominant musical element of the The Shovel and the Cross song, complementing the musical charm with keyboard suites of instrumental bridges.
After a brief reflection with a guitar solo, the This Apocalypse Is For You track soars in a whirlwind of musical passages with a symphonic keyboard background, wrapping a sparkling spiral around the vocal experience. The All Chains Rust, All Men Die composition rolls in waves of restrained drive, varying the music accordingly to the vocal changes.
The mysterious musical atmosphere in the sound of The Fucking Violence of Love song is combined with inspired vocal reflections, combining in the duet the main vocals with the background chorus and enthralling musical changes to follow the changes in the vocal mood. The Air Was Thick with Smoke completes the album, starting with the echo of cosmic currents in an artistic musical lace.