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Southern winds are unfriendly to strangers and alien nomads

August 25, 2019
Upon A Burning Body - Southern Hostility

The title track begins the Upon A Burning Body - Southern Hostility album, severely, rigidly and clearly emphasizing its name. King of Diamonds continues the album with an exciting playful narrative in the verse, sternly and stubbornly indicating the inviolability of its positions in the chorus - that they will stand their ground untill the end.
Doors opens and then the whirlwinds of the main motive encircle the vocal reflections of the verse with the motives of restrained drive, sternly and deeply indicating the All Pride No Pain title in the chorus again and again. From Darkness continues the waves of restrained drive, then compressing the pace of the musical narration to a mid-tempo march, to which majestic vocal phrases add solemnity to the anthem.
Building the significant structure of the majestic anthem already with the introduction, then The Champ is Coming develops the stern inspiration and significance of the musical narrative. Burn preserves bewitching grandeur, giving musical and vocal variations more emotions and inspiration than brings the sound closer to the ballad.
Enveloping vocal reflections with the mystical twilight of a bewitching mystery, the Reinventing Hatred verse sweeps through the dark fog with a swift wave of drive, returning to the mystery of the mystery of triumph in the chorus and final part. The mystical dusk transforms with the enchanting romanticism of the Never Alone introduction, but the vocals come out in rebellious exclamations, transformed by emotional chants in the bridges and returning to the enchanting romance of the intro in the refrains.
The gloomy veils of the dark anthem are wrapped in ghostly trends of despair and detachment, but the vocal part sings The Anthem of the Doomed with fierce severity for all outcasts and those who are in exile. Soul Searcher closes the album with mesmerizing sadness with a romantic entry ballad, transforming into the rapid drive of the verse and weaving these flows in the bridge and the chorus.