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Source of origin determines perception

September 06, 2020
Ulvand - The Origins

The brooding symphony begins the Ulvand - The Origins album with a bewitching mystery, complementing the unhurried reflections of the music vocals with a twilight haze of bewitching mystery. But then the inspirational tunes of the singing lady bring romantic shades to the sound of the Human Zoo composition.
The more viscous and gloomy guitar solo of the Chrysalis intro pushes waves of the dark anthem, then combining the hardened to growling phrases of the male vocals and the sublime phrases of the charm of the female vocals in the vocals. But then the phrases bring in the mystery of a whispering whisper, again intertwining in surom growling with female vocals in an impressive duet of the final part.
Electronic echoes of keyboard parts expand the stylistic boundaries of the album, bringing shades of industrial music to a leisurely drive, combining spicy keyboard passages with a symphonic echo. But then the female vocals bring in the 7 Virtues song charm of ballad romanticism. The Valhalla track also introduces rhythmic pulsations of harsh drive in intro with a dominant melodies of harsh male growling, complemented by symphonic echoes of keyboard passages, alternating this bitterness with the charm of female vocals.
The distant ringing of the bell creates a mystical mystery, drawing the Despair listener into the vastness of fairy tales, alternating the harsh narration of male vocals, complemented by musical ferocity and dray, and sublime ismphony with the enchanting melodies of a singing lady. The singing lady's monologue in Spanish opens the intro of the final composition of the album Una Vida, then combining English lyrics with Spanish lyrics in the lyrics, giving this alternation a touch of musical variety.