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Souls never rusts

November 06, 2022
White Skull - Metal Never Rusts

After a rhythmic and energetic introduction, the combative melodies of the singing lady come to the forefront of the Hammer On Thin Ice battle saga, continuing the epic tale of the White Skull - Metal Never Rusts album with the inspired lyrics of the vocal narrative of the title track, complemented by the energetic drive of instrumental bridges.
The guitar solo is brought to the forefront of the Skull In The Closet main motif, complementing the background charm with symphonic keyboards passages and vocals chorales, then weaving from these elements the musical lace of the Black Ship musical fairy tale, developing in a solemn procession of the Heavily Mental majestic anthem, complementing the vocals narrative with musical covers of symphonic sound.
But the sound of the Scary Quiet composition again returns to an energetic drive, complementing the vocal part of the singing lady with the vocals shades of the guest vocalist Chris Boltendahl (Grave Digger), transforming the musical style of the Ad Maiora Semper song in the direction of facilitating the sound and alternation of music and vocals in the foreground of the musical image.
The sound of the Jingle Hell composition artistically and with notes of humor combines the Christmas story with the twilight atmosphere of the gothic saga, continuing the development of musical experiments in the sound of the Pay To Play song, which is completed by musical motifs from the "The Godfather" movie OST and completing the musical story of the album with the Weathering The Storm romantic ballad, the vocal part of which is complemented by a guest vocalist, combined in the chorus with the main vocals of the singing lady in the chorus in a duet.