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August 31, 2020
Havok (USA) - V

After an intriguing introduction and growing musical essence, the Post-Truth Era explodes with a fierce drive of the main motive, crowned with vocals fury. The Fear Campaign continues the Havok (USA) - V album with a fast-paced drive, entwined with echoes of traditional rock'n'roll motives of a guitar solo.
The pulsing power of the Betrayed by Technology intro builds up anxious forebodings, then rolls in waves of mid-tempo musical pulsations topped with crests of vocal phrases. The epic atmosphere of the Ritual of the Mind battle march strides with a clear mid-tempo step, driving the detachment procession into the musical canvas. The artistry of the impressive guitar solo in the Interface with the Infinite intro is combined with progressively broken rhythm, then complementing the mid-tempo vocal narration of the verse with a return to the chorus intro.
The clapping of bells and the percussion of the tambourine combine in the Dab Tsog instrumental intro with the atmosphere of oriental folklore and the progressive artistry of percussion. Then the Phantom Force explodes into a frantic whirlwind of furious drive of an unbridled musical thriller. Beginning with dense and austere mid-tempo guitar passages with vocals intro, the Cosmetic Surgery song sharply accelerates the pace and is carried away by an unrestrained musical race.
The romantic mood of the guitar solo of the intro presupposes the further development of the Panpsychism composition into a charming ballad, but the fierceness of the music to a harsh mid-tempo march precedes the vocal intro. In the instrumental part, the musical narration slows down the rhythm, complementing the atmosphere of mystical mystery with the ringing of a bell, but then rushing in a fast-paced race after a bright guitar solo, completing the composition with a high-speed drive. Developing the frantic dance of the main motive in intro Merchants of Death complements its sound with vocal variations and the melodic charm of the guitar solo of the instrumental part. Beginning with the epic charm of a romantic guitar solo, the Don't Do It song sounds like a combination of sensual ballad with dreamy melodies of clean vocals with a solemn anthem with emotional harsh vocals. But then the music explodes with a fierce stream of impetuous drive. But the composition and the album are completed by a romantic guitar solo that has returned from the intro.