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December 11, 2017
Vandenberg's MoonKings - MK II

Stubborn, rolling and meaningful composition Tightrope begins the Vandenberg's MoonKings - MK II album with a confident sound, rolling musical waves on the pristine shore of the mind.
Dancing in the music of the blending of hard blues and rock'n'roll motifs, Reputation connects these contrasting opposites in an interesting and exciting manner.
Starting with a thoughtful and lyrical romance, Angel In Black from time to time picks up the pace, then again gives a romantic character to musical ideas, not as the full-fledged ballad, but introducing the elements of the romance.
In the The Fire introduction clearly felt the influence of the country, then hard blues envelops in an atmosphere of meditation, preserving the influence of the melodies of the introduction.
So soft, sensual ballad Walk Away brings a wave of artistic romance, seasoned with a touch of lyrical sadness in vocal phrases.
Pulsating in musical ideas, All Or Nothing sounding rolls in a confident rhythm along the chosen path.
Restrained joy by the hopeful waves of a dreamy songWhat Doesn't Kill You carries through the images of the cloud castles, bathed in streams of sunlight and reassuring dreams of a bright and inspiring ballad. Sublime and triumphant motifs of the instrumental part raise thoughts even higher.
Ready For The Taking returns us to half a century ago, curiously paying homage to the origins of rock music.
Continuing to show respect for the sources of inspiration, New Day becomes more militant and persistent in comparison with the previous composition.
Rolling powerful waves of musical flow Hard Way slows down the pace for vocal superiority in the verses, in bridges and choruses, returning to its former power. In the instrumental part, some influence of jazz improvisations is heard.
One Republic cover Love Runs Out, song that was performed a lot of times in all kinds of vocal competitions, talent and other shows. In this performance, there is much more energy and drive than in the original, against the background of the tunes give the atmosphere of an evening walk on Broadway.
In a dense and meaningful sound, in an average tempo, the chopped inserts of rhythmic beats in the chorus, driving the title If You Can't Handle The Heat with harsh phrases into the mind the song completes the album.