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Sometimes unclear reveals new horizons

September 16, 2021
Assuage - Solstitium

Pensive guitar solo fascinates on the expanses of the instrumental variations of the Cinematic track, creating an exciting accession to the title composition of the Assuage - Solstitium album, in which music and vocals are combined in a progressive musical manner, varying the tempo, rhythm and melody.
After a restrained drive of the intro, the gentle pitfalls of a singing lady are fascinated by a listener into a charming unity of music and vocals in the sound of the Grey charming melodious fairy tale. Female vocals stands to the forefront of the Panics musical image, continuing the romantic maneer of the musical narration. But in the progressive compositional plan, bridges appear with accelerating music and the background pears of the male vocals.
Epic saga Eleven, emphasizing its duration by the title, creates an impressive atmosphere of unity of music and vocal, alternating and combining male and female vocals in the vocal party. After the fascinating music of the intro enters a men's vocals, sometimes stands for the forefront of the Undertow musical image, but then retreats in front of an all complicating musical composition that creates a thoughtful romantic atmosphere. The final composition of the album Sung Away fascinates in pursuit of vocal impatience, while maintaining the progressive style characteristic of the album and complementing the main male vocal background vocal support.