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Sometimes times are beyond the control of simple perception

December 24, 2020
Alberto Rigoni - Odd Times

The title track begins the Alberto Rigoni - Odd Times album's musical narration with a mysterious mystery. then emphasizing the meaning of the bass part and the rhythm section. But then the guitar solos emerge from the obscure gloom to the forefront of the musical image, raising the banners of the hit musical essence, enchanting with the melody of their guitar solos. But then the music becomes harsher, hardening the guitar riffs with dark forebodings, but then the incredibly melodic guitar solos returns again.
The twilight mystery of the guitar passages, complemented by the background keyboard melodies, creates the Countdown image of a mysterious fairy tale, but then the keyboard variations come to the fore, captivating the listener with bewitching melody. Then the Crazy Horse embodies the desire for adventure, unbridled curiosity and craving for discovery through endless wanderings. This musical story is embodied by alternating guitar and keyboard parts in the foreground of the musical image.
Expanding the stylistic framework of album, the V complements it with a certain atmosphere of an epic saga, introducing elements of bardic tales with a guitar chime, but then hardening the guitar sound. The album's latest track Different Worlds is his longest running composition, embodying such an incredible variety of musical variations - that it would be worthy of being a separate release.