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Sometimes time seems to last forever

July 01, 2020
Var - The Never-Ending Year

The mesmerizing and gentle melody of romantic musical passages begins the sound of the Var - The Never-Ending Year album with ballad charm, then complementing the Moments musical lace with ballad tunes of high tonality. The piano solo continues the Fearless musical narration, then the vocal mystery crowns the musical image, shrouded in a mysterious haze of keyboard artistry. The Drowning concludes the previous song, like its introduction, inspired by the instrumental keyboard sonata.
Driving a whirlwind of inspirational drive Run crowns its waves with vocal tunes that bring the atmosphere of future adventures, but the pensive By the Ocean ballad carries away into the expanses of romanticism and thoughtful doubts. The Where to Find You continues this style, but inspires an impressive and exciting guitar solo of instrumental fragments.
Mysterious instrumental sacrament Breathing wraps in a mystical haze of unpredictable expectations, ending with rhythmic pulsations, however, mysterious Highlands vocals reflections return to the expanses of unclear expectations and anticipation of magical transformations. The Still I Miss You completes the album with the romanticism of an acoustic ballad.