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Sometimes there are such unexpected chosen ones of worship

August 26, 2023
Grafvitnir - Obeisance To A Witch Moon

Thunder, rain and bad weather, complemented by a whirlwind of furious drive of the guitar solo, act as the introduction of the furious Lightbringer musical thriller, which begins the path of the Grafvitnir - Obeisance To A Witch Moon album, complementing drive and fury with enchanting echoes of northern fairy tales, weaving them unite in a joint musical whirlwind of the The Great Beast enchanting musical fairy tale, weaving the vocal story with a charming lace of musical sacraments.
The music of the intro weaves a charming lace of bright and sparkling strings of guitar passages, which then roll out the musical canvas of the Wrath Of The Tempest main motive, along which the vocals story marches confidently and energetically, which is sometimes supplemented by bright and sparkling guitar passages, continuing in bright, exciting and inspiring rolls of the Nigrum Ignis Serpentem composition's energetic drive with notes of bard tales and a battle march.
The unity of guitar passages and vocal phrases in a furious dance comes to the fore of the Via Dolorosa musical image, weaving the inspired artistry of the enchanting musical lace, anticipating the continuation of the development of similar musical motifs in the enchanting lace of the Serpent's Blood musical fairy tale.
Weaving the lace of the main motif in the intro, the Children Of The Void song then brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, enveloping the charm of the musical passages, captivatingly wrapping the vocal story with twilight veils of musical shawls, then piercing the blade of the musical charm of the Legion Of The Serpent composition in preparation for the opening vocal part, uniting in a sharp blade , anticipating the end of the album with the musical charm of the vocal fairy tale of the Obeisance To A Witch Moon album's title track.</p