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Sometimes the order of being is transformed beyond recognition

February 29, 2020
Nightfear - Apocalypse

The drum roll anticipates the whirlwind of guitar solo anticipating the swift flight of the We Are Back musical stream, bringing vivid experiences of the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image. The fabler’s narrative and the epic veils of ancient legends continues the Nightfear - Apocalypse album, rolling medium-tempo musical waves uplifting Shine vocals phrases on the crests.
Condensing and fierce musical narration to a dense and harsh mid-tempo march, the Living Your Life vocals part is sometimes swirling with emotional whirlwinds, then raising the banners of ghostly inspiration in the chorus. Walking along the verge of medium and fast tempo, A Better World captures attention with a whirlwind of musical passages in a round dance around vocal phrases. Of particular note is the bitterness of the vocal part in the final part.
A whirlwind of rapid drive captures the sound of the The Stranger introduction, then its final part accentuates the rhythm, anticipating the introduction of vocals, then building the structure of the composition to alternate such fragments and inspired vocal tunes. The swiftness of the drive and the hardening of the musical passages are raised by a fierce flight of high-speed metal, then the music is even somewhat hardened before the further development of the Psichokiller instrumental composition.
Again facilitating the musical sound and emphasizing the changes in the musical essence by the vocal part, sometimes introducing mystical echoes of folklore influences, the Through The Stars music very interestingly complements the stylistic variations of the vocal narrative. The vocal narration becomes hardened again and leads instrumental passages along the Nuclear Winter indicated path, very inspiringly complementing the vocal phrases with memorable artistic passages. The guitar solo of the instrumental part captivates with melodic charm and impressive unity of the solo and rhythm of the guitar, very inspiring the final part of the composition. The Evil In You again enlightens the sound and takes the vocal part in a swift flight on the wings of an instrumental accompaniment. Partially marking the title of album Angels Of Apocalypse partial influence, concludes it with an epic saga, combining many styles and genres, marching with a solemn march of metallic grandeur.