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Sometimes the mystery is obvious

August 01, 2021
Vacant Suns - The Surface Lies Underneath

Leisurely, gentle and thoughtfully music of the A Lifetime To Forget track opens musical reflections of the Vacant Suns - The Surface Lies Underneath album, rolling the sound of muted pondays, intertwined in the smoke of ambiguity and mysterious atmosphere.
Keeping an atmosphere of mysteriousness, the Vertical Horizon composition immerses even deeper into the mysteriousness of unclear musical haze.
Slowly reviving the exhaust of the forgotten fairy tales of the Embracing The Chimera track introduces the shades of mystical predictions and mysterious prefersion into the sound of the album.
The L'air S'est Incurve composition's muffled chime of bells against the background of the painful sadness of muffled musical pondays brings the alarming to the sound of the album.
But the sound of the Healing Entropy dispels the alarms and pacifies in incredible tranquility. Continuing the development of mysteriousness, the Your Hair, My Dreams twisted lace is unclear haze, enveloping the listener of the atmosphere of muted mysteriousness. The Portrait Du Vide track completes the album, as if the invisible dwarves are treated in the caves unknown treasures.