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Sometimes the lion and the lamb are united in one person

November 15, 2020
Seventh Day Slumber - Unseen: The Lion (EP)

Dispelling anxious expectations of furious drive and unrestrained musical zeal, the Lion And The Lamb song begins the Seventh Day Slumber - Unseen: The Lion (EP) album with an inspired ballad, captivating with mesmerizing melodism. The keyboard passages give the Eternity compositions a sublime note, then blend with the vocals inspiration to create a single romance.
Pulsing with a sparkling guitar solo of the intro, the Reckless Love then marches on, filled with sensual impressions of love experiences, bringing intriguing anticipation to the verse and ending it with an inspired chorus. Music intertwines with vocals in a gentle sounding waltz, bringing the vocal part to the foreground in the sound of Oceans song and weaving music and vocals in a charming chorus dance.
Preparing the verse's intriguingly muted narration to develop a solemn musical anthem in the chorus, the album's final composition Holy Spirit underpins its ballad essence.