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Sometimes something seems too human

August 07, 2020
Worship (USA) - All Too Human

The power and fury of musical the Olaus Magnus fury, unexpected for the style, are combined with vocal fury, anticipating the further development of the Worship (USA) - All Too Human album. The Age Of Arrogance vocals phrases alternate with explosions of musical frenzy, sometimes elevating their significance to the pinnacle of the mid-tempo march. Music progressively and complexly varies the rhythmic component.
Somewhat condensing the sound of the musical narrative, the Doomrider envelops vocal phrases in the painful shackles of twilight music, but the Year 1348 violently accelerates this twilight and invokes frantic swiftness, after which the Under The Black Sun vocal screams appeals to the acceleration of the tempo and an emotional explosion.
The vocals at the Lifeless calls for an emotional outburst, but then the twilight musical mysteriously sets the atmosphere of reverie, leaving vocal emotions on the background through which they still break through, causing an explosion of frantic drive. The Misanthropy And Love ends the album with variable rhythmic essences of a mysterious dance sound.