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Sometimes silence - the best music!

July 01, 2016
Aggelos - Silentium

Groaning Noise, cutting ears crackling, squal...argh, keep quiet! Aggelos - Silentium!
Intriguing and raises expectations to the highest rank, Yerushalaim after a long chorale sounds intriguing entry, then raspy voice utters his thoughts aloud. Epic keyboard passages with the rhythm of a funeral procession sounds close to the end of composition. But it ends up with more tough and dense music.
Higuera Seca more alive sound than previous file track. Melancholy and sad notes bring keyboard parties. Vocal party started by growl, then moves on to a squeaky scream, that limits sensual beauty of a lady's vocals. Then listen to a monologue under rare keyboards notes, but ends with a composition screaming and evil, heavy and melodic music.
Exalted, mysterious and melodic keyboards notes begins, next guitars joins to support the intro of the Panis Vitae. With the screaming vocals start, instrumental parts reduce its saturation, then clean female vocals sets the stage for an aggressive jerk, which is sharp and brief. Lady takes the floor again, than replaced by anger and wrath. Female vocals and screaming completes the track in a single burst!
After odd, squeaky phrases, mysterious laughter and statements in German Sententia starts its diverse and unpredictable canvas, alternated with screams, growls, chants husky female voice under keyboard passages.
Shy, poetic and sublime ballad Noche Oscura starts with the female voice in opera-style manner. After the sublime lyrical melodies, complementing its colors with female vocal music harden up its anger and aggression, the lady is replaced by the beast and screaming monster. They combine efforts at the end.
The piano leads its party with 4 hands, then growl joins that way in the Ergo Factum Silentium. Next screaming replace it for a bit 'till thin female voice to the ringing bells will read us her poetry, then a woman's voice chants supports heavier music. The bells and fairies squeak signify the end!
Keyboard and guitar tired of sadness, asks for the liberty and demand respect in Viventum, they are joined to the aspirations and demands by the vocals, harsh or growl. Then, 2 female vocals complement each other tells its story, replacing the male vocal with their tender chants. Returns growling, rolling in the screaming, but ladies nevertheless complete song!
The title track Silencio sums up the album, initially quiet confession, under guitar fingering and lady's opera chants. Then the guitar solo, dreamily carries us away into the skyward, above the clouds and flying off into uncharted spaces. Women's opera vocals ends as the song ends, and the entire album.