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Sometimes silence is stronger than the rest

April 30, 2023
Morast - Il Nostro Silenzio

The guitar part of the intro creates an atmosphere of unhurried reflection, then the broken rhythm progressively complicates the artistic background of the sound, then the guitar solo leads to the inspired and exciting introduction of A Farewell vocal part, which comes to the fore of the musical image in the introductory speech of the Morast - Il Nostro Silenzio album.
The vocals story remains in the foreground of the musical image of the Cut composition, diversifying the sound and stylistic features of the vocal part, sometimes soaring in a whirlwind of emotional ascension, burning and at the same time introducing more and more new shades into its sound.
The title track of the Il Nostro Silenzio album marches with atmospheric shades of a funeral march, complementing the vocals sadness with viscous musical sadness and an atmosphere of inexplicable grief, weaving the musical lace of a gloomy anthem.
Preserving the twilight sadness of the musical atmosphere, the RLS composition alternates the vocals story with the primacy of musical twilight in a single musical image.
After weaving the musical lace of the main motif, the compositional features of the Nachtluft song roll out this musical canvas for a vocals procession.
Following a long and intriguing introduction, the vocal part is brought to the forefront of the musical narrative of the November final composition of the lbom, moving enthusiastically and confidently along the chosen musical path.