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Sometimes shimmering with deception

March 03, 2020
Medenera - Oro

The soft and epic beginning of the Medenera - Oro album envelops the calm and pacifying lace of the musical atmosphere, leaving the tunes of a male growling and obscure chorales intertwined with symphonic appeals on the Aurea I background. The legend of clean vocals completes the composition, bringing the mesmerizing pulsations of artistic keyboard passages to the forefront of the Aurea II musical image. A leisurely march of Aurea III track completes the first section of the album.
Fascinating romanticism begins with the Splendor I next section, complementing musical symphonies with the emotional tunes of female vocals and preceding the final part with magnificent growling. Then the Splendor II symphonic keyboard passages fascinate with instrumental artistry, complementing the musical lace with rare vocal phrases and wordless chorales. In the final part of this section Splendor III, vocals gains more influence over the musical essence.
The Ver Aeternum I mysterious symphony intertwined with chorales begins the next trilogy, complementing the final part with an explosion of furious growling. Further Ver Aeternum II brings the spirit of epic symphonism, introducing shades of grandeur and echoes of forgotten tales. Ver Aeternum III concludes this fragment of the release with a plexus of acoustic musical passages with birdsong and the chants of a mystical fairy.
The final section of the musical saga begins with waves of furious Flumina Nectaris I drive, topped by a chime of keyboard notes. Further, the mysterious tunes of the stretched growling are intertwined with musical lace in Flumina Nectaris I mysterious atmosphere, retreating before the charm of orchestral symphony. Flumina Nectaris I completes the album with notes of unclear anxiety, creating intriguing additions of musical passages to obscure phrases of opera vocals.