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Sometimes light uprises from darkness

February 22, 2019
Swallow The Sun - When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light

A pensive title track's symphony intertwining fascinating aspirations and vague presentiments begins the Swallow The Sun - When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light album with an atmosphere of fascinating romance, piercing the twilight haze of a mysterious sacrament with sparks of enchanting inspiration. The vocal part is dominated by male vocals, occasionally supplemented by female phrases, alternating the inspired passages of clean style and gloomy phrases of screaming and growling.
The noise of the weather and the distant raven cries anticipates the development of the main motive of the The Crimson Crown composition, which continues the style of the title song but remaining within twilight romanticism, not complementing the sound with a musical drive and harsh vocal styles.
Unclear ghosts come out of the twilight haze, muffled phrases are buried in the vague reflections of the verse, embodying the main motif in the chorus of the Firelights composition. Upon The Water as if continues the previous song, thoughtfully and unhurriedly shrouding the perception of painful doubts and vague anticipations. But then the majestic passages complement the growling vocals, then returning again to the pensive romance.
Beginning with a leisurely, pensive narration, Stone Wings emphasizes the chorus with a few words, bringing a broken tone of progressive trends, but then enveloping them with the charming background of a pensive symphony.
The pulsing rhythm is muffled, enveloped by the unhurried development of the main motive. Then, in the Clouds On Your Side composition, many genres are woven together, manifesting in the vocal interlacing of dreamy phrases of pure vocal and severe growling trends. In the final part, the female monologue tells its story in French.
The narration of the Here On The Black Earth composition develops, but introducing the main words of screaming in the choruses and leaving the choirs of pure vocals amid the musical image is transformed into a solemn saga. Then the chants calls for a deep growling, Yu enveloped in covers of unhurried triumph of a majestic musical symphony.
The album concludes with a fascinating Never Left symphony, intertwining orchestral symphonies in a charming lace of charming melody with majestic guitar passages and brooding thoughtful vocal phrases.