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Sometimes it is hard to catch a true reflection

April 21, 2021
Wode - Burn in Many Mirrors

The Lunar Madness begins the musical fairy tale of the Wode - Burn in Many Mirrors album with a mid-tempo processing through the atmosphere of twilight mystery, sometimes reducing the swift of the rapid drive, but keeping the melodious charm of musical sound, whining the vocal party.
The Serpent's Coil rhythmic march is crowned with symphonic extensions of guitar solo and emotional liberty of vocal wisdom.
A unhurried symphony of the Fire in the Hills intro ends with the unity of the musical thriller with the trends of the ancient battle sagas. The Sulphuric Glow is exploded by the waves of a frantic drive, behing the violent thoroughness of uncomplicated warriors.
The Vanish Beneath intro's guitar solo is spinning fascinating lace fairy tales, then the vocals appeals to the echoes of the rituals of ancient priests and mysterious rites. The Streams of Rapture (I, II, III) album's final track consists of a trilogy, which is so diverse and variable, which acts as a separate artwork, complementing the diversity of the musical release.