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Sometimes fairy tales are carrying away to other realities

August 12, 2018
Dystersol - The Fifth Age Of Man

The title track starts the Dystersol - The Fifth Age Of Man album with combat marches tunes, continuing with the introduction of the vocal proclaiming the majestic march of valiant warriors defending the claims of the dark ruler to undivided control over the surrounding kingdoms.
Continuing the musical canvas in the mid-tempo narrative Life Amongst The Ruins complements the music with shades of mystical shadows, twilight symphonies with a fluttering musical image exploding in the middle of the composition with a flow of drive.
Transforming into a romantic anthem Down To Nothing imbues the album with romanticism, so marvelous ballad, continuing terrible stories about past disasters, filling sadness and grief with majestic romanticism.
In the introduction, continuing the romantic ballad, then End Of The Fall forcing the mid-tempo vortex motifs inherent to the melodic death metal, restraining the vocal part of the couplets with music in a pulsating medium-tempo waltz.
Harsh and mysterious motives foreshadow something significant, then the vocal announces Winterking and music forms the canvas of the main motive, pulsating with the impulses of the mid-tempo march, rolling in waves of fairy tale narration in combination with a symphonic melody.
Even more complementary to the epic character of the legend Tragedy Of The Gifted Ones begins with a fairy tale, enveloping the vocal part with whirlwinds of melodic passages woven melodic laces around the legends of the vocal part.
Beginning with a classical suite, severe rhythmic threshing brings to the Night Of The Hunter legend elements of drive, from time to time carried away in the rapid melodic musical streams, interwoven with folkloric influences.
Vocal is transformed into a severe and deep growling, Children Of The Wasteland music is filled with dense power. But then swift passages and melodic instrumental bridges follow the alternation of screaming and growling, presenting the exquisite melodic essence of the romantic atmosphere. But the alternation of vocal styles completes this romantic haze.
A marvelous symphony intertwines the keyboard passages into a charming ornament, then the vocals and guitars complement the musical image with their influence. But in the chorus the music is transformed by raising keyboards motifs above all other musical components, the vocals go on to a low-key narrative. The Beyond Blood composition is finished by combining all the components in a fascinating musical image.
The fascinating motive inspires the Olimpia introduction, then it transforms into a wave of severe drive, confidently leading the vocal party along the chosen path, densely and powerfully weaving it together.
The pulsating musical twilight is hidden and changeable in verses, confidently asserting itself in the dense rhythm of the Comforting The Soulless chorus.
Nervous wave of drive rolls with frightening dark premonitions, but the Psychopath vocals entering hides scrapes, but the severe waves of drive roll over and over again, breaking out of vocal restrictions. In the final part, screaming and growling are combined in a fickle alternation.
Danse MacabreStarting with the twilight mysteries 1 then from time to time rushes in the impetuous impulses of a furious drive, then reflecting in the dark twilight of romantic instrumental bridges. Guitar solo in the instrumental part precedes the final chorus.
The pianoforte begins the last composition of the album End Game as the romantic ballad, then the vocals appeal to the accompaniment of the song with metallic notes, while retaining pensive romanticism, sealing it with a harsher rhythmic part and angling the sound with guitar support.