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Sometimes enemies hide in the shadows

July 31, 2019
A New Revenge - Enemies & Lovers (Japanese Edition)

The musical narrative of the The Distance Between song, swirling from side to side, begins the A New Revenge - Enemies & Lovers (Japanese Edition) album with a narrative that weaves lace from traditional metal and some rock "n" roll trends. The pulsating mid-tempo march continues the musical narrative, intriguing in the verse and raising the significance of the The Way composition in an inspired chorus.
The gloomy mystery of the Never Let You Go introduction introduces some elements of the Gothic atmosphere, vocal reflections develop the face of the composition, marching on the verge of a ballad, but somewhat rushing at the pace of sound. Glorious completes the pace choice towards swiftness, enveloping vocal doubts with restrained whirlwinds of swift drive.
Pulsating musical motifs develops in the mysterious dusk of The Eyes composition, then abruptly and unrestrainedly rebelling in the narration of the Fallen song.
The epic mysteries of ancient fairy tales, intertwined with impulses of electronic distortion, revolt in the Only The Pretty Ones enchanting saga, then opening the gates with an exciting triumph of musical delights and the inspiration of the incredible melody of the ballad. The title track Enemies & Lovers permeates times and morals, taking musical impressions from ancient centuries to modern spaces, while preserving, however, the influences of epic coverings.
The unbridled flow of mesmerizing drive calls for vocal experiences, intertwining with them in the Here's To Us stream of heavy metal thriller. Holding back the swiftness, Scars continues the musical creation of medium tempo significance, filling with doubts and experiences of the verse and offering support and hope in the chorus. Penetrating the blades of the guitar passages of the main motive Killing You completes the album intertwining these sharp guitar passages and emotional vocal experiences.