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Sometimes death is asked questions

October 26, 2022
Avatarium - Death, Where Is Your Sting

The intriguing mystery of the musical variations, united with careful vocal reflections, begin this musical story with sad memories and apprehensive premonitions of the A Love Like Ours song, further pushing the vocal phrases of the singing lady to the foreground of the pulsating anxiety of the Avatarium - Death, Where Is Your Sting album's title track.
The majestic symphony dedicated to the Stockholm city complements the vocals lyrics with a soft string chime, creating the charm of the echoes of the musical tales of the Skalds, then enchanting with the soft and gentle sound of the enchanting tunes of the singing lady, complemented by spiritual musical variations of the Psalm for the Living.
Brooding wise reflections complement the enchanting covers of musical lace, combined in the rhythmic procession of the God Is Silent musical fairy tale, then intriguing with the sound of the introduction with echoes of forgotten fairy tales, creating a musical background for the pensive Mother Can You Hear Me Now vocals story.
The epic motifs of the introduction anticipate the waves of rebellious drive, crowned with the vocal speeches of the singing lady in the announcement of the Nocturne musical performance, anticipating the twilight mystery of the romantic sadness of the Transcendent musical symphony, completing the album with gloomy majesty with the solo cry of the melodic violin's prayer.