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Sometimes a mask hides what everyone already sees

September 20, 2019
 In Flames - I, The Mask (Limited Edition)

In mysterious instrumental passages Voices creates an intriguing atmosphere at the beginning of the introduction, then developing this musical sacrament into the trembling waves of the main motive, pulsating in a stern march in a couplet and raising the banner of passion for adventure in bridges and choruses. The title track continues the sound of the In Flames - I, The Mask (Limited Edition) album, forcing a swift stream of drive, flying away by rampant deadly dances to invisible goals and aspirations, ascended by dreamy phrases of clean vocals in the refrain.
In the Call My Name verses, clean vocals are intertwined with a nervous harsh, going out in the chorus to the forefront of the musical image in a romantic ascension. The harsh waves of a stubborn and indignant march of the I Am Above verses then lifts the banner of enchanting inspiration in the chorus. Follow Me continues the inspiration of the chorus with bewitching lace of so bewitching ballad.
Outraged speeches calls fight for their rights and houses, then harsh waves entering, transforming the (This Is Our) House musical atmosphere to ease the musical style and moving the group to a different sound style. Guitar passages of the We Will Remember main motive inspire mesmerizing sounds already in the introduction, then the vocals bring emotional doubts, then raise the chalice of inspirational experience. In This Life envelops in a soothing atmosphere of an incredibly melodic and brooding ballad.
Exploding with a rampant drive in a verse, enveloping a vocal harsh with a swirling swirl of musical passages, the Burn chorus raises pure vocals to a pedestal of bewitching thoughts. Deep Inside complements the epic mid-tempo musical narrative with echoes of electronic notes. The vocals elevate the flow of doubt and experience to the forefront of the All The Pain musical narrative, continuing these reflections with romantic impressions and entreaties to Stay With Me. The final composition Not Alone further expands the stylistic framework of the album, incredibly lightening the sound and bringing notes of synthpop and gothic rock influences.