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Something unites all people

December 06, 2019
Gents - Human Connection

A dancing procession of a light rhythm, shrouded in the bewitching echoes of unclear dreams, lays the musical essence of the first composition of the Gents - Human Connection album, then the vocal narrative appears as the fundamental link of the Horrorscope and further musical narration. Then the Own Little World vocals appears as a thoughtful, deep baritone, reflecting on the possibilities in verses, raising the tonality and emotions with bright trends of choruses.
Immediately announcing the name of the Emotional Facelift composition, the vocals sequentially prepare the listener for the sparkling stars of inspired and artistic keyboard passages. The rhythm pulsating in friable dusk pierces the obscure whisper of mystical entities, Premature Decisions vocals reflections are marching through obscure ghostly tunes entwined with sparkling ribbons of musical notes.
The echoes of birdsong, the noise of neighboring yards serve as the backdrop to the beginning of the title track Human Connection, Pt.1, the essence of which is vocal confessions. Musical passages are the basis for the Right on Time vocals variations, hopping with tonality and emotions. Then the pulsating march Smoke Machine with the broken rhythmic canvas recedes before the vocal phrases, then intertwining with them in a single musical image.
Further, the vocals of the invited artist echoes in a dispute with the solo vocalists, Second Guesses (feat. Fine Glindvad) is bringing a few unexpected shades to the color of the album. Human Connection, Pt.2 completes the title track and the album as a whole, again bringing the vocals to the forefront of the musical narration and surrounding the vocal phrases with support of other musical beings.