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Something thick, something thin

August 11, 2016
Tragically Hip - Man Machine Poem

The lever can adjusts all kinds of mechanisms, if properly Tragically Hip - Man Machine Poem remember and use later!
Weird, distorted sounds that starts the music, a steady flow of which leads the Man to the pacified thinking about his place in the world - just cog in the machine, just part of the greatest mechanism, exalted keyboards, abstract passages discribes that as well.
It's time to forget about abstract thinking - In A World Possessed By The Human Mind! Rhythmic reminders do not leave aside the constant thoughts on a single theme, vocal phrases pushing the meaningfulness of these brief and sharp thoughts, twisting them to his persistence and tenacity.
Obstinacy and perseverance leads to the fact that everything becomes to the state - What Blue? Rhythmic in its ragged rhythm, breaking off the connection between the lilting dance tracks and sad ballads, becomes something ... indescribable! Have to listen to it to take out your impressions!
Fabulous intriguing sounds begin the story In Sarnia, that takes out from ordinary familiar shapes to fabulous spaces. Everyday problems recede into the background, shifting vocal phrases carry the consciousness away from the topical bustle of the ordinary world.
Here, In The Dark after the sad and thoughtful perception darkened margins - opens the bright side, cheerful motifs spraying a gloomy atmosphere!
Knitting, spinning gears and springs complex machine starts its motion a complex mechanism of the Great Soul. Difficult choice, harsh and responsible decisions do not tolerate haste, slow psychologically tense composition bears witness to this!
Not everyone can easily estimate - something in any case tiring, for instance Tired As Fuck. Without this - completely impossible, but also that - isn't so easy!
The notes of the blues and melancholy theme Hot Mic repressed with ragged rhythms, that leads us away from the usual mundane motives continues to unexpected moves, repeating vocal phrases in the same rhythm and tone. This combination of monotony and unpredictability keeps the attention on a short leash, not letting from itself on a step!
All of us have something to remember - we do not always understand the meaning of certain things and phenomena to us. Most become comprehensible only when we completely lose the opportunity to regain them again. Maybe melancholic ballad Ocean Next becomes the last chance to take back that past memories!
Sharp blows, rhythmic movement of the pistons, gears rotation rampant carries Machine o future achievements, changing the world of vocal tracks, distorting the musical outline by their jerky replacing the tone and sharpness of sound. Clear meditative phrases - replaces with sharp jerks, spiced with sonorous notes. Machine cycles interchangeably, the machine is functioning properly. Adjuster done his job!