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Something is so hard to to discard and forget

August 17, 2020
Immorium - This Too Shall Pass

The mesmerizing symphony of the Vale intro, weaving a guitar solo with piano notes, ends with a clean vocal intro, but then, after an instrumental foreboding, the vocals escalate to a growling shrouded in the harsh armor of a metal ballad. Keeping the echoes of the melodic symphony, the Diamonds of the Fire whirls up a whirlwind of impetuous drive, continuing the Immorium - This Too Shall Pass album with a bright and majestic musical thriller, alternating screaming and growling in the vocals. But in the chorus, the music pacifies the musical frenzy, enchanting with the procession of the epic saga.
Walking in the solemn march of the heroic saga the Echoes then whirls up musical passages, wrapping the majestic union of screaming and growling in vocal narrative. Pulsing with rhythmic beats, the Trainwreck continues the musical narration with a modern interpretation of the battle march with the echo of the twilight sagas in the instrumental part. Pointing out fragments of the main motive in the introduction, the Demiurge then builds the compositional structure in accordance with vocal transformations.
Combining an epic saga with understated drive elements, the Only Cinders Remain enchants with an incredibly melodic guitar solo. A romantic guitar solo precedes the final piece with a harsh and furious growling enveloped in a veil of romantic atmosphere. Rolling in waves of a harsh action movie, the Pride dances in an alternation of screaming and growling in the vocal part, complementing the sound with dreamy appeals of clean vocals. Once again, the finale is preceded by a soft guitar solo, ending with a more emotional continuation.
A guitar solo that sounds like an acoustic romance walks in an obscure haze, then rebellious vocal screams transform the sound of Across the Fade composition into a pulsating mid-tempo march, ending as a stream of musical drive, entwined with a guitar solo. The title composition This Too Shall Pass complements the musical image with bagpipe tunes and brings a sense of the influence of Celtic folklore on its sound. The final composition of the album Waves of Damnation begins with a gentle guitar solo of the bardic saga, then condenses and hardens its sound in a harsher and tougher interpretation.