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Someone mortal - something eternal

July 18, 2016
Omophor - War Prayer

Children learn martial hymns, whether all want? Omophor - War Prayer is the anthem at all! Study all of it, tell it, pray for it at all!
The legend carries us through time and space, the guitar only reinforces this very allegorical. But then 2 vocal scream and growl, then leitmotiff of the Dominion Of Swords aises us to the clouds, but the story not ended - vocal and instrumental torn angry party continue his narrative, without ignoring the leitmotif's tune! Warlike squad marching, singing his thoughts - but they can't defeat the leitmotif at all!
Guitar disclaims any shackles, exalting his importance to the fore in intro of the Eternal. Next vocals signs its might and fury, with combining the growl and screams! Argh, guitars have to be appreciated to the vocals!
But the guitars don't give up! More tightly and powerfully combining their parties, they begins the Gaze Of The Warlord. But vocals isn't on the side, completes guitar gusts by its liberties!
The road of the warriors isn't so simple, its urgent, tolerate no thoughts - song Souls Of Warriors tells all of us about that!
Power shock - the mountains around, ancestral spirits watching us from all of the tops, so Mtroba leave doubts that you can reject - but they will not go aside! Listen to it, try to understand!
The mountains will not leave and not hide themselves - ancestors demand recompense their memories from your actions - instumental Khevsuruli describes and marks by its tunes, dancing in the eddies thats in all of forms and signs. There's no sense to describe that - you have to LISTEN!
On Ground Of Reprisal tightly lots of enemies in its path, driving in their minds - at times breaking into screams. But it's little things and nuances - you have to FIGHT FOR REASON!
Fast guitar, crushes, breaks - leaving no one aside of the Brothers War it will continue its journey hereinafter path, don't leaves us without dreamy guitar solo!
Fist of the hero beats where it is necessary, Heroes Feast not looking for easy ways - instrumental in their improvisations will not leave you light tips! Listen, give ear, think about that!
Powerful riffs fly leaving no time for a break - it's the Last Battle! Melodic leitmotif not allow to escape from the attitude to the decisive battle, not allowing to forget about its mission. In the middle of the track side tearing each other apart, that is audible and visible. But then, having comprehended its victories and defeats - someone is forced to retreat. And the story ends...