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Someday, another time ... later

June 08, 2018
Symbolic (USA) - Nevertime

Thoughtful musical reflections girdle the Advent main motive, again and again asking about it and giving their doubts the opening of the Symbolic (USA) - Nevertime album very progressively and ingratiatingly. The vocals appear mysteriously and thoughtfully, vaguely anticipating their thoughts.
Progressively and thoughtfully returning to the rolled-up schemes, Endless War denies boring meditations, but envelops them again and again - but supplementing them with a dense instrumental drive, rejecting vocal delights. Three Souls continues the previous composition, plunging around vocal reflections in a dark fog.
Violent improvisations are woven in the enchanting march of Zealot intro, confidently but mysteriously anticipating a further extravaganza - as if the main motif of the instrumental composition should be guessed ... but the vocals complement this with high reflections. Visually and visibly developing a balanced narrative, slowly and confidently Ana Lee continues the viscous average tempo-timing, tightening the viscous and meaningful musical cover. Vocal mysteriously reflections give the pensive shades of the composition, anticipating the next one Progressive mystery weaves vague and unpredictable motifs in the As Far As The Eye Can See introductions, then developing in a burdened circle dance. Vocals cautiously and thriftily enter the musical image, then carry away in dreamy reflections - worthily and charmingly occupying the front edge of the composition. That it was not easy for your humble servant to write about progressive music! Avoiding reflections and dreams, a wave of easy drive takes the vocal to the main role of the Father Of Lies composition, denying the previous additions.
Enchanting with mysterious reflections pensive romance Departure completes the album, enveloping leisurely thoughts and ideas, demonstrating melodious guitar solos.