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Some tales leaves so mystical awe

March 01, 2021
Briton Rites - Occulte Fantastique

The bent twilight intrigue of the predictions of something creepy and unknown, the music of the The Masque Of Satan track is woined with the vocal mysteriousness in a single musical sound. Continuing the mystical mystery of the Briton Rites - Occulte Fantastique album with a medium-level marning march, topped with a spawning mysteriousness of a guitar solo, the My Will Be Thine then hesitates the rhythm section of the essay of combat marches.
The impudent waves of the militant drive, the In Hell I Will Rule then crowned with their inspired vocal phrases, as if the warlord of evil appears to the army - the worship of their martial spirit, courage and determination to any tests. Guitar solo of the instrumental part carries artistic elements of this combat determination. Stubbornly and indisputably the nervous wave of his experiences, The Demon Lover fascinates listeners to follow the path of its main motive. Starting and burdened with a viscous guitar motif, the Strange But Beautiful then complements this sound with thoughtful vocal reflections. Vocal crying complements the twilight atmosphere of irrepressible sadness.
The irrepressible sadness waves of unclear thinking, The Wizard's Pipe envelops the lace of the charm of the guitar solo. The Witness is browsing the vocal batch to the forefront of the musical image, trusting vocal phrases with whirlies of guitar riffs. Porous reflections are felt in the swamp of musical slightness. The Occulte Fantastique title track's vocals woven with musical reflections in a thoughtful dance, combined in lace of intriguing mystery.