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Some spaces hitherto remained unknown

January 17, 2020
Stoned Jesus - From The Outer Space

Tightly, long viscously and viscously rolling the painful waves of the musical narrative, interweaving the burden and sadness with mournful philosophies The Sweet Whore Of Babylon reveals the viscous essence of the Stoned Jesus - From The Outer Space album.
With a furious drive and mysterious vortices, starting Insatiable King then walks in an irresistible procession of a painful march, long and viscously preparing the introduction of vocals, but leaving the music procession at the forefront of the musical narration, sometimes transforming it into a thoughtful romance, distracting from the painful and gloomy march.
Thoughtful trends of twilight romanticism distort and distort vocal reflections, entangling Eastern Magic vocals thoughts with painful meditations of a viscous and viscous musical ghostly mystery, imposing the primacy of its narrative.
The Occult guitar solo introduces a certain transformation into the musical narrative, rolling in the pulsating waves of the main motive, then juggling doubts and experiences in the viscous twilight of obscure thoughts, marching in a lazy march towards unclear goals that still need to be determined.
The stern and painful unity of the guitar passages takes hold of the procession of the Black Woods main motive, dragging the album's end into viscous and tense thoughts.