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Some entities are seeking immortality

March 06, 2020
Angellore - Rien Ne Devait Mourir

Church chorales precede the development of a gentle, soft and symphonic melody that weaves a bewitching lace of notes of piano, wind instruments and orchestral motifs, anticipating A Romance Of Thorns development in an inspired narrative full of sensual experiences and romantic shades. The vocals introduction combines emotionality and sensuality, giving growling shades of self-sacrifice and bewitching sensuality, complemented by a bewitching, dreamy whisper of clean vocals. But, without restricting freedom, growling flies more to the limits of screaming. Continuing the Angellore - Rien Ne Devait Mourir album with folklore tunes Dreams (Along The Trail) brings to the forefront of the musical image the flute tunes, complementing them with vocal experiences and guitar variations, lifting these combinations up with the rhythm section with pulsating sighs.
The vocal elevates its narrative to the top of the musical image of Drowned Divine composition, but then the variations of the musical symphony weave so impressive laces of magnificent artistry that it is just right to be charmed by the bewitching symphonic melody of the sound of this song. The vocal part weaves its complement to musical variations - weaving together the alternation of demonic growling, sensual clean vocals and the singing lady's chants. The organ symphony completes the composition, preceding the introduction, which facilitates the perception of a musical symphony and simplifies the stylistic framework of the album of the Blood For Lavinia composition.
The mesmerizing instrumental symphony Sur Les Sentiers De Lune precedes the final composition Que Les Lueurs Se Dispersent, which is throwing English-language lyrics aside and filling the end of the album with French-speaking romanticism, shrouded in a cover of a romantic atmosphere filled with shades of brooding sadness.