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Some depths requires patient and careful research

March 28, 2019
Cotard (ITA) - Depths

Cosmic of dreamy Intro (Welcome) song currents sweep the beginning of the Cotard (ITA) - Depths album with streams of fascinating drive, accentuating the end of the bars with guitar sighs. Then the guitar solo inspires with dreamy passages, combining with the flow of futuristic drive in the final of The Wake track.
The electronic impulses Interlude 1 return the ghost of the watchmaker, who is sorting out the mechanism of his creation, then is transformed by pulsing waves of a medium-tempo Power drive.
Rough, progressive and fascinating whirlwinds of the Interlude 2 passages envelop with intrigue and anticipation, turning around with fascinating sacrament of the Transcend intro. The gloomy haze envelops the whirlwinds of the motifs of the Interlude 3 song, anticipating the mystical mystery of the Depths (part 1) composition, which rolls after the fascinating intro as the majestic passages of the solemn anthem.
Upraising majesty and inspiration to the spaces never seen before, Interlude 4 precedes the final composition with a quintessence of significance, which is embodied in the leisurely narration of the title track's Depths (part 2) fascinating anthem.