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Some curses are eternal

May 12, 2023
Sacred Outcry - Damned for All Time

The acoustic guitar solo of the Timeless intro fascinates the listeners, captivating the PC to listen to the epic sagas of the Sacred Outcry - Damned for All Time album, continuing with the melodic drive of the Legion of the Fallen composition, complemented by a vocals narration with notes of courage and valor.
Weaving the musical canvas of the main motif into the introduction, the Sacred Outcry song then confidently and assertively rolls it out in the path of the procession of the vocal part, bringing it to the forefront of the musical image. The melodic acoustic guitar solo of the intro precedes the development of the artistic charm of the Where Ancient Gods Are Still Hailed musical fairy tale.
Acoustic guitar passages and symphonic charm fascinate in the sound of the Scared to Cry ballad, continuing this stylistic celebration in the development of bardic melodies in the sound of an enchanting Lonely Man musical fairy tale.
The musical story of the Crystal Tears bard ballad brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, alternating it there with mesmerizing guitar solos of instrumental bridges. The acoustic intro of the Damned for All Time epic saga continues with the confident and insistent pressure of the battle march, stepping aside before the inspired guitar solo of the instrumental part, culminating in a symphonic suite with opera chorales combining male and female vocals, then again and again varying the tempo and musical style. After preparation in the introduction, the Farewell composition completes the album with the unity of the battle march and the epic saga.