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Some ages are impossible to realize

September 05, 2018
Tholomat - The Age Of Dajjal

Introduction The Age Of... (Intro) gives the beginning of the Tholomat - The Age Of Dajjal album the spicy flavor of the oriental bazaar, which is thrown up by the furious storm of the Ad-Dajjal introduction, gradually fading away in a thoughtful reflection, lost in a shaking heat haze. A marvelous melodic tinge of the song's keynote completes the composition.
The echoes of the main motive of the previous composition affect the musical image of the Mass Extinction song, what allows it to be considered as the leitmotif of the entire album. Oriental style remains a background color, the music becomes more aggressive, tougher and more driving, vocals give their part more fiercely.
A severe and persistent drive rolls in relentless waves in the verses, emphasizing the title of the song Universal Dust again and again in the choruses.
Brace Yourself seems to continue the previous composition, changing the vocal part to a bogey gloomy melodies, wrapped in a mysterious mist of impenetrable haze that hides unknown mythical sacraments - both good and evil.
Referring again to Oriental motifs, In The Midst Of... performs the tunes of a wandering bard, complementing the string passages with the tambourine beats. But Jaheem again returns the gloomy atmosphere of ancient legends, shrouding everything around with the majestic atmosphere of significant tales.
The vocals come to the forefront of the Morbid Corruption musical canvas, the rest of the participants hover around in the parts full of epic mysticism, shrouded in shades of mystical motifs.
The The Long Sleep Is Over vocal phrases are even more appealing to the ancient tale, the main motive envelops the narration with an ornate ribbon of guitar passages.
Keeping fabulous tones Biological Error complements ancient mysticism with a touch of futuristic predictions in the lyrics, the vocals lead the rest of the instruments following their part in the musical composition.
Self-titled track Tholomatrushes in a furious stream of uncontrollable drive, which is controlled by confident and measured instructions of vocal phrases. The measured march into the introduction majestically and proudly develops instrumental outro 75:114, completing the album with a sublime anthem.